How to combine csv files? Here comes a simple trick..

Say we have multiple csv files and we want to merge them into one big csv. How can we do this?

Several little software tools exist, but this would be another app on our computer and some also cost you money. There’s a way simpler and completely free hack that does the job for you, assuming you have a Windows computer:

1. Open the command window:

Press Windows + R to open the run window. Type “cmd” into the executable field and hit Enter.

2. Navigate to your folder
The command window presents your default folders. Unless this is the place where your csv files are located, we need to navigate.

Type “cd” along with the path to the folder and hit enter.

For example, “cd C:\jens\data” switches to the folder C:\jens\data”.

3. Merge

Stay in command window and type:

copy *.csv merged.csv

Et voilà, after hitting enter, Windows combines the files and gives you the results in the file merged.csv.

This is how a simple, half-a-minute hack can help in combining several files together.

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